DIY Hobby

Published on 07/05/2020

These days, we’ve been focusing a lot on our “SKIRTS” lamps and exploring their wide range of possibilities. This has been such a fun activity during confinement. It’s amazing how many lamps you can come up with using our kit. We’ve even surprised ourselves!

It’s become our daily challenge: What materials can we find lying around at home or the workshop to create a new lamp? What drawing or poster goes well with this design? It’s such a blast! We’re overlapping fabrics, cutting out patterns, putting mismatched materials together, and watching new shapes emerge when we turn on the lamp. Amazing! 

As always, we hope that people keep our creations for a long, long time. That’s why we’ve designed them to be updated, refreshed, and reused as styles and tastes change. Our “SKIRTS” lamps were designed with exactly that in mind. We hope you’re having as much fun these days as we are. Stay Zen and keep safe!