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La Lampe d'Antoine (Antoine's Lamp)

Published on 19/06/2018

First, one Antoine’s sketches seduced us (I put the photo) and it is this drawing which served us as a starting point to develop a lamp which we soon launch and that we decided to call "Antoine’s Lamp "in his honor, because we loved working with him and because the name pleases us.

When Antoine Pillot arrived at the studio as a trainee, as I just had been sick we had not initated new projects yet. However, Jean and I started talking about creating a lamp combining wood and ceramics.

Antoine arrived just right. He was enthusiastic, conscientious and he wanted to work with ceramic! We offered him to collaborate in the creation of a conical lamp in white porcelain combined with wood.

We wanted this lamp to be portable and can be used in more than one position. To initiate the project, we offered him to make some sketches including an element that would have a kind of key shape that we often like and use for our stools The Friends, our lamps The Girlfriends, our Sur-sous and our Yul placemats.

His sketch responding to what we wanted, Jean and I then continued to develop this lamp as a team, with the regular collaboration of Antoine. The research and development of the ceramic part was done by Guy Simoneau, ceramist and the woodturning by Éric Dumais, turner. Thanks to Justin Dufour for electrical advice.