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NON-USELESS Jewel new Collection : Why a brooch?

Published on 25/07/2017

Why a brooch?

For us, it's crystal clear: because it is a multifunctional jewel, unisex, to be used on a scarf, a hat, a coat, to attach a jacket, to tighten a décolleté, to tie a belt, to hide a spot on a garment and even to hang or decorate a curtain or to embellish a cushion.

First of a series, they are made of anthracite-colored silicone (coloured in the mass) gilded with gold leaves of high quality purchased in Kanazawa, Japan.

We created 2 formats: the big brooch, sold 80. $ is about 4.5 cm in diameter (1 inch 3/4) and the small sold 38. $ is about 2.2 cm (7/8 inch).

Silver leaf brooches will go on sale soon!

On sale on this Website!