Skirts, a DIY lamp | KIT #1: Rings + lampshades

Skirts, a DIY lamp | KIT #1: Rings + lampshades


A ready made kit to make your Non-Useless SKIRT! (electrical cord extra, available at the links below)

The set includes 2 charcoal porcelain rings:

. Ring # 1 to hang the lampshade on the lamp

. Ring # 2 to hold the lampshade in place


 Two pre-cut paper lampshades (Please indicate us your choice of 2 colours by email: metallic gold, metallic charcoal, metallic silver, metallic red, metallic blue white or deep black) at mailto://[email protected]

NB Our DIY “SKIRT” lamp shades can be used on any pending lamp cord with socket (IKEA, MIQO, Fix-it, Plog-it, etc.). We recommend using LED bulbs. 

The electrical cords "Fix It" (with canopy on the ceiling) or "Plog It" (with electric plug) are available separately and quickly at this link, in a large choice of colors:

Please re-use the packaging boxes.